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Company Profile


· Confidence, long lasting loyalty, and trust   are the main principals that characterizes our family based business profile.   The people involved with International Diamond are in the markets, since the early 1960s

·  Highly active on an international level, we aim to supply a large variety of products and services tailored to the specific needs of our clients which consists of diamond  merchants, jewelry manufacturers, distributors , jewelers and privet people.

·  Through our continuous involvement within the industry for several decades, we have gained an excellent understanding of the market’s behavior allowing us to always be a step ahead of our competitors.

·  We build and maintain strong relationships with a wide variety of suppliers, giving us access to an extensive and consistent range of diamonds.


Technology and Scientific constitution at your service.


“INTERNATIONAL DIMAOND” has today , more than ever, the possibility to offer complete services in the purchase of diamonds with absolute efficiency, discretion and preciseness.

Adopting the strategy of full service towards associates it created an up-to-date Gemological Laboratory which under the supervision of Graduates Gemologist , degree holders of the American Gemology institute (G.I.A)   Agkop and Zaven Knouni,  provides its unique services in the Greek market. The Laboratory is in continuous contact and has continuous update from the G.I.A. for every modification or new method relevant to Gemology.


Our services

· Customize orders - Special orders we satisfy any unique demand either as a loose diamonds or tailored made jewelry, in the best possible way.

  * Customer satisfaction is a priority - The supply of goods has always been central in our business, but we believe that in today’s market, the service to the customer is more important than ever. We look after our clients by offering the best possible variety of services.

  * Consulting - we guide our customers by giving them advice on market trends. Having been involved in the diamond industry for a great number of years we are familiar with market movements and tendencies.

 * Selection of diamonds for each   specific jewelry piece

 * Selection of diamonds in any specific size and quality.

 * Selection of diamonds and placement on jewelry

 * Issuing of diamond report – certificate, for our diamonds

 * Diamonds and jewelry appraisals

 * Complete up to date information regarding the global diamond market with specific data and statistical comparisons.